Dog days of summer!


As I sit here in my easy chair watching the thermometer climb to over 100 degrees, I daydream about cooler autumn days and all that it brings. I dream of leaves changing, bucks snorting and ducks headed south! I have realized as I have grown older to the ripe old age of 40 that I dislike summer months more and more. When I was a kid I would be outside playing from sun up to sun down. Now a days I am trying to buy an air conditioned riding lawnmower. To my dismay the guys at Sears said they don’t make them and just laughed at me!

Sure I can go to the rivah and put my arse in a lawn chair and feet in the sand but come late July even that is too hot and the jelly fish have made their way up the rivah and for the record skinny dipping with jelly fish is not fun. Lets just say having your nards stung is life changing!

All I can say is thank God for the Outdoor channel, so that I can take a nap listening to guns blazing, ducks quacking and dream of hunting with Eva Shockey! I call this the Hunter’s Hibernation. Like a bear we hunters go into a long slumber some say depression until early autumn when its time to wake up and resume our love for hunting. No drugs needed for this type of depression just the smell of gun powder and my favorite camouflage. Good Hibernation Y’all!!

Dr. Shawn T. Tyson
President/ CEO
Pure One Outdoors

“Stealth…Scent FreeDEADLY